Old world or modern—

Whatever your desired style, you can

achieve it with lime wash or mineral masonry paint. The perks don't stop at aesthetics:

Protect and prolong

Unlike traditional paint, lime wash and mineral masonry paint interact organically with and become just as hard as the masonry surfaces to which they are applied. This calcifcation, in additon to the advantage of high-PH levels of lime and minerals, discourages growth of mold and mildew, especially on surfaces located in humid and wet climates.

Maximize durability 

Both lime wash and mineral masonry paint are highly permeable and breathable. In other words, these finishes do not act as a barrier to moisture. This moisture resistance along with high-UV resistance results in a finish that does not peel, chip, crack, or flake—whereas traditional paint most certainly will.

Refresh your curb appeal

Give your home texture, depth, and personality to stand out from the rest. Complement your exisiting architecture as well by showcasing decorative features of your home such as siding, gable brackets, or beams to create visual interest for a fresh, new look.

Customize without the hassle

Create a bespoke home, accent wall, or fireplace without worrying about regular maintenance or upkeep. Lime wash and mineral paint touch-up beautifully, or you can allow lime wash to fade over time for a timeless, old-world aesthetic.

Remove and reapply easily

While mineral masonry paint is permanent, lime wash is actually formulated to be wiped or washed away immediately and, in fact, can removed completely within the first two (2) days of application with a high-force pressure washer. We will swatch or even mix different colors on your masonry to help you decide your desired look and effect such as opacity or distressing. No commitment, no stress!

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