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We provide a vast array of interior and exterior painting services for new construction, remodeling and renovation, and routine repainting. Customize your residence or business with our broad selection of high-quality coatings, finishes, and polishes. Modern, classic, contemporary, traditional, rustic—with our expertise we spotlight your unique style.

Experienced and passionate about our craft, we are equipped to transform your space—big or small. Licensed and insured. 


Contamination of the coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) can be prevented by our proper, thorough, and efficient application of our EPA-registered disinfectant—a deeper cleaning and sterilization that traditional spray-and-wipe products simply cannot deliver. We highly value the health and safety of our clients and all they serve, so let us eradicate the coronavirus and over 120 other microorganisms from your environment now.

Disinfecting Touch Points
Disinfecting Backstock

Our medical-grade, food safe disinfectant kills 120+ pathogens in 10 minutes. 



Drywall is one of the key components of any home but we recognize how fragile they can be, and when dented, it can be very frustrating. However, Jeff Davis is here to help you. Our repair services cover holes, dents from door knobs and furniture, and small knicks. Please call us today if you have any more questions about our drywall repair services!

Drywall Repair Services
Drywall Repair Services
Drywall Repair Services

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